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┬ Recently in und nietzsche wente rezension allegra lawsuit in Korea concerning the validity of the exclusive long term contract between management companies and artists, the Supreme Court ruled that long term contracts between management companies and artists are invalid, signifying there is a high chance that the Korean court will rule in JYJÔs favor in the lawsuit between SM and JYJ. It can be presumed that SM, because of this turn of events, decided that it would be better to resolve the lawsuits in both Korea and Japan at once by reconciliation. Also, the request made by SM to Attorney Shin assumes that the defendant [TN: Allegra ablakajto Management] will follow SMÔs instructions. Therefore it is easy to presume that the defendant is obstructing the management of JYJ in Japan out of concern for the wishes of SM. Ô Source: Toshiro OnoÔs Blog.

Nekradamus ├ un demone che guarda e commenta le malefatte dell'umanit├. Un curioso esperimento di blogging di ruolo. Vuoi partecipare alla stesura di quattro nuovi libri della Edizioni Willoworld.

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