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[40] In late 2016, S. began organizing a League of Legends tournament called "2016 S. Super Fsnjul League", where their representatives Heechul and Baekhyun participate in matches with both professional players and fans from South Korea and China. [41] On February 16, 2017, a source from the task force in charge of the international K-pop academy has plans to open this upcoming September.

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8211; D. Domjani─a 19, TEL: 01 2753 700. 8211; Riva 7, TEL: 051 521 562. 8211; Kanji┼ka 22, TEL: 053 572 125.

76 A hospital-wide MRSA screening for all patients was compared with screening only high-risk patients along with single room and gloves and gown for HCWs. 78 Screening all patients was no more successful in reducing MRSA than screening only high-risk patients. 78 The rates for hand hygiene may have been different in the two periods of this B-A study and confounded the results; however, compliance rates were not provided.

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