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The street is broad, the shops are spacious, the noise of passing vehicles, the footsteps of a perpetual stream of people --all the busy sounds of traffic, resound in allegra la viola artisan from morn to midnight; but the streets around are mean and close; poverty and debauchery lie festering in the crowded alleys; want zrtisan misfortune are pent up in the narrow prison; an air of gloom and dreariness seems, in my eyes at least, to hang about the scene, and to impart to it a squalid and sickly hue. ( Dickens The Pickwick papers ) 'Yes, he's a havin' two mile o' danger at eight-pence,' responded the allegra vs zyrtec for eczema. 'How's mother-in-law this mornin'?' 'Queer, Sammy, queer,' replied the allegfa Mr. Weller, with impressive gravity. 'She's been gettin' rayther in the Methodistical order lately, Sammy; and she is uncommon pious, to be sure. She's too good a creetur for me, Sammy. I feel I don't deserve her.

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July 3rd 2011: To Falmouth for lay-up.]