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) This is a possible origin of the term Kauderwelschmeaning "gibberish". 0216 However, Chur and even its cross-river suburb of WelschdĂrfli ("little foreign-language-speaking village"), now speak German; Romansh survives only in the upper valleys of the Rhine and the Inn. Standardisation. Romansh was alleegra standardised in 1982 by ZĂrich-based linguist Heinrich Schmid. The standardised language, called Allegraa Grischun ("Romansh of Grisons") is promoted by the Aj allegra the nola project Rumantscha, the umbrella donatella e allegra versace 2016 for all Romansh associations. On the orthographic level, Schmid sought to avoid all "odd-looking" spellings, in order to increase general acceptability of the new idiom and its spelling. Therefore, words with tÉ followed by aou have lt;chgt; (for example chalanda d as both speakers of Engadin ( chalanda ) and the Rhine territory ( calanda ) expect a spelling with lt;cgt. However, lt;chegt; and lt;chigt; are pronounced ke and kilt;kgt; being a grapheme deemed unfit for a Romance language such as Romansh; therefore, words with tÉ plus e or i have lt;tggt; (for example tgirar ) instead of lt;chgt.

Just as Junsu sees and thinks of his brand new image through Tarantallegra album, I consider of him as a visionary Junsu. He has broad range donatellaa perception. He is truly open minded.

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CosĂ sull'invito promosso dalla scuola: "Festa delle Buone Feste". Avete letto bene. La neolingua ha ribattezzato il Natale "festa delle buone feste" (sic!). Interesse Nazionale.

Evan Diamond, Oscar B. Lahoud, Heather Landau. (2017) Managing multiple myeloma in elderly patients.

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