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Academic Integrity Board, October 2014-Present. Faculty Senate, 30allegra At Large, Student Relations Committee, Ral,egrare 2013-May 2015. Undergraduate Commencement Marshall, 2014 amp; 2015. Conduct Review Board, 2009-2014.

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Tell your doctor about all other medicines you use, especially: ketoconazole (Nizoral); or.

160; External links [ edit ] BoA â Official US website. ID; Peace B (2000) No. 1 (2002) Atlantis Princess (2003) My Name (2004) Girls on Top (2005) Hurricane Venus (2010) Only One (2012) Kiss My Lips (2015) Jumping into the World (2001) Miracle (2002) Shine We Are. (2003) Listen to My Heart (2002) Valenti (2003) Love amp; Honesty (2004) Outgrow (2006) Made in Twenty (20) (2007) The Face (2008) Identity (2010) Who's Back.

In 2012, S. was accused of colluding with music distributors, but was cleared of the charge. On August 16 the Seoul High Court revealed their verdict on the issue: "The FTC (Fair Trade Commission) has canceled all corrective orders against SM Entertainment, and the lawsuit costs will be paid by the defendant. " [80] Red Velvet music video controversy [ edit ] In August 2014, after the release of the Red Velvet's music video for "Happiness," Japanese media reported that images referencing the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as well as the 911 attacks, were seen in the background of the video.]