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Land O Lakes: Savannah M. Long. Longwood: Christian Robert Callaway, Weston Snoh allegra common bad things Carter, Preston M. Kreisler. Lutz: Kirstin Ashley Balavender.

Hosted on: na. The blonde and bubbly Hadley Viscara shows up in town earlier than expected, and decides to stop in to her potential new home to see if her roommate tnings have her. Though Van Wylde hadn't planned for this, could he really turn away this young lady with no place to go. After all, she seems like a great person to have around the home - she cleans, has a great attitude, and even likes to swim and tan nakedÔ Where's the harm in that. For Hadley, the indoor pond, spacious rooms, and huge glass shower couldn't be better.

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Maybe they can work out a familiar deal, which is all the more tempting when presented by someone with Hadley's devilish smile and tight body. Can Van resist her seductive charm, or will Hadley offering a new exchange actually pay off. 05 Jan First Time Auditions 8211; Casting Couch Cuck Post by Kakao. Filed under HD. No Comments. Hosted on: na.

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